The Best Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Vehicles | Battrixx
The Best Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Vehicles | Battrixx

The Best Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Vehicles

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

One such candle that shines out today is the Electric Vehicle! In the midst of the environmental degradation that’s unfortunately spreading its tentacles, the ‘Green Number Plates’ on Electric Vehicles indeed spell hope. Every Electric Vehicle is a beacon of light indicating that here is yet another environment-conscious citizen doing his/her bit for our dear planet earth!... And standing strong behind them, making their choice a happy one is Battrixx – the manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries that power a whole range of Electric Vehicles – 2 Wheelers, 3 Wheelers, Electric Cars, Passenger Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Electric Tractors, and furthermore extending to customized solutions for e-Golf Carts, e-Forklifts, and Marine Transportation!

At Battrixx, enormous amount of research goes into ensuring the safety and longevity of batteries used for every kind of Electric Vehicle. We understand the paramount need for safety of vehicles as well as of their users, and hence ensure that our batteries are consistently ahead of the safety curve. Being customer-centric, our battery backs are designed for performance excellence, longevity, efficiency, safety and serviceability. But don’t just take our word for it… Check out our certifications!

Battrixx is one of the first leading EV battery manufacturers to receive the ARAI Certification under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2 for our battery packs. This confirms that we meet the highest global standard requirements for designing, constructing, and testing battery packs – which makes our batteries one of the best lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles, intelligently monitored through Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Let’s explore a little more about each kind of vehicle that our batteries power and about the benefits we have built in them for you.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for e-Bicycles (e-Bikes)

We understand the Indian environment and hence have carefully researched and selected lithium-ion cells that best suit e-bikes on Indian roads. Our meticulous care extends all the way to ensuring overcharging protection. Our e-Bicycle battery packs come fully configured with integrated BMS that ensures safe operation; and provides cell balancing to maximize range and battery life; and protects the battery from unsafe operating conditions. All this at a very affordable cost!

How you benefit: You get a highly reliable source of power at very competitive pricing, in an efficient and compact design. Furthermore, there’s protection against voltage variation, and safety assured through stringent durability testing.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Two-wheelers

Battrixx has joined hands in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, by offering two-wheelers dependable lithium-ion battery packs that are also easy on the purse! These battery packs come with superb efficiency, safety, and consistent battery power for electric scooters. Our in-house researchers have designed intelligent BMS protection, that ensures safety with high-performance. What’s more is that the dimensions and cell configuration are customizable for optimum usage.

How you benefit: You get battery packs for your e-scooter that are designed and manufactured to meet the highest automotive standards, offering enhanced BMS-driven safety that protects against short circuits, cell over-voltage and under-voltage, charge/discharge over-current, and over/under temperature. Our batteries have the added advantages of light weight, high energy density, and long cycle life. Charging is also quick to get you swiftly ready to ride away.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Three-wheelers

For three-wheelers, Battrixx offers value for money lithium-ion battery packs that are loaded with many benefits to help e-rickshaws negotiate even narrow roads with great stability. Our batteries are specially designed for high energy density, ultra-long cycle life, excellent charging and discharging performance, good temperature performance and an enhanced level of safety. Armed with the latest BMS, our batteries are a safe option for three-wheelers, and have the added advantages of customizable dimensions and cell configuration to optimize usage.

How you benefit: You enjoy a battery pack which provides 100% charge/discharge efficiency, quick charging, and low running cost. What’s great is that it is equipped with built-in BMS for extra protection. These maintenance-free battery backs are also eco-friendly, compact and light weight.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Cars

For the environment-conscious Electric car owner Battrixx lithium-ion battery packs are indeed a value for money option that helps them in their efforts towards a sustainable future. Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles owners find Battrixx battery packs an economical and eco-friendly option as they improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce carbon emissions. Battrixx understands Indian roads, as well as temperature and weather conditions and have conducted in-depth research to gift Indian electric car owners with compact battery packs. These have special safety features, that are provided and regulated by highly advanced BMS. What’s more is that dimensions and cell configuration are also customizable for optimum usage.

How you benefit: You get an intelligent battery pack that is monitored by specialized BMS, assuring you of high performance and unmatched reliability. There are the added benefits of quick charging, longer life cycle, excellent durability, and low maintenance.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Buses

Large contemporary passenger vehicles like buses have hitherto had a field day, negatively impacting the environment with air and sound pollution. The advent of electric buses sparks a glimmer of hope, and to strengthen this glimmer, Battrixx provides high performance and yet affordable lithium-ion battery systems for electric buses. Our lithium-Ion e-Bus battery packs are powerful and specifically adapted with advanced lithium-ion battery systems that affordably power electric buses.

How you benefit: Our e-Bus battery packs assure you of high performance, reliability, and safety and come at unmatched prices. Moreover, there are the added benefits of high durability, better stability, and differentiated rigidity.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Light Commercial Vehicles

Efficiency, reliability, and economy are paramount to the transportation industry as increased fuel costs have been driving the cost of all goods upward. Hence electric light commercial vehicles come as a refreshing cost-effective option for sustainable transportation. Battrixx understands the many issues of road transportation and has therefore designed lithium-Ion battery packs that are geared for high performance and high cycle durability. Our modular designs provide the flexibility that is needed to ensure great battery performance for the whole gamut of diverse light commercial vehicles.

How you benefit: You get eco-friendly battery packs that charge quickly to minimize delays, and have 100% charge/discharge efficiency. You also enjoy the Plug and Play convenience of our battery packs, and the benefit of long battery life too.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Tractors

Mechanization has revolutionized agriculture, but the flip side of conventional tractors is that they negatively impact air quality with colossal CO2 emissions. Thankfully electric tractors have been introduced to encourage mechanized farming without destroying the environment… and to power these is Battrixx. We have designed high-performance lithium-ion battery solutions for agricultural vehicles, which help agriculturists practice smart farming in an eco-friendly manner.

How you benefit: You enjoy the convenience of Plug and Play battery packs that offer 100% charge/discharge efficiency, along-with quick charging ability. You also benefit from longer battery life, and contribute to eco-friendly farming.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Golf Carts

Battrixx’s customer-centric, environment-friendly focus has spurred us to offer customized solutions for golfers. Our lithium-ion Plug and Play golf battery packs require zero maintenance and come with specialized BMS to ensure safety, maximize performance and battery life.

How you benefit: You get a great value for money battery pack which offers 100% charge/discharge efficiency, with fast charging capacity. There are also the additional benefits of vibration resistance, better stability and long lifecycle.

Lithium-ion Battery Packs for Electric Forklifts

With our customer-centric, eco-friendly focus, we have ventured out into the arena of Material Handling Equipment. Battrixx lithium-ion battery packs are designed to provide the highest peak capacity, longest cycle life, and greatest reliability, which increases efficiency through quick charging and longer operating time.

How you benefit: The benefits are many: High performance, unmatched reliability, increased durability, good stability, enhanced safety, and longer cycle life.

Marine Lithium-ion Battery Packs

Battery packs for the high seas need to be intensely sturdy to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions, which necessitated an alternative to the traditional lead acid or gel batteries. Battrixx yet again, rose to the need and created marine lithium-ion battery packs that far out run the performance of traditional batteries. We present the marine world with battery packs that are built to last; are lightweight, durable and maintenance-free; charge quickly; and store safely. Designed to cater to a wide range of marine transport applications, we efficiently power commercial vessels, yachts, cruise ships and fishing boats.

How you benefit: You get the convenience of Plug and Play battery packs that are 100% efficient for charge/discharge, charge quickly, last longer, and are eco-friendly.

Whether on land or sea, Battrixx is there to efficiently power your journeys.

Visit our website to explore our full range of green, clean, energy systems that power the entire gamut of Electric Vehicles, e-Golf Carts, e-Forklifts, Marine Transportation Batteries, and go even beyond to power Portable Devices, UPS, and Telecommunication Systems.

What’s more is that our lithium-ion battery packs are carefully crafted using advanced Battery Management Systems to customize your battery packs and enable scalability in terms of capacity and voltage, making them adaptable to counter the challenges of space, range and budget, without any compromise on safety or performance.

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