Powered by The Power of Two | Battrixx
Powered by The Power of Two | Battrixx

Powered by The Power of Two

Electric vehicles are the thing of the future. Actually, that future is already here. It is believed that there are some 5.6 million electric vehicles in the world. Of course, that is a miniscule figure compared to the 1.4 billion vehicles of all kinds. But, the start has been made, and the number of electric vehicles are only going to increase dramatically as the world realizes it cannot continue to have fossil-fuel-consuming and pollution-spewing monsters out on its roads for too long.

Battery-driven vehicles are great for the environment. They’re great for their owners too. If at all there is any downside that has to be the recharging options. Like fuel-driven vehicles, electric variants too would come to a halt once they run out of what powers them – battery charge in the latter’s case. Just as a conventional vehicle needs access to a fuel station when running on empty, so also electric vehicles need to be near a charging station when it’s running out of battery charge.

Charging stations are still not quite as common, and until that catches up, vehicle manufacturers and especially battery makers will have to come up with solutions.

A Stroke of Genius

But hold that thought, because one battery manufacturer has already come out with a revolutionary idea to mitigate this problem. Battrixx has launched the Dual Power – or twin battery pack, which ensures that the vehicle can now run for a longer time at full charge. Let’s find out how this stroke of genius works…

An electric vehicle generally runs on one battery, which effectively is the sum total of hundreds of individual cells packed into a consolidated unit. At full charge, the single battery will allow the vehicle to negotiate a certain distance. With the Dual Power battery, however, the vehicle will be able to run for a much longer the distance.

Battrixx Dual Power battery is an extremely versatile battery pack. It runs on the simple concept of ‘Two is better than one’. But it isn’t just about putting two battery packs together. The game-changer is their versatility. Each battery is detachable, so you can use them in series, in parallel, or even individually. You can even swap them around in their Master-Slave format.

Convenient Versatility

But how does having so many configuration options help?

Connecting them in series improves battery efficiency – which is why that is the default configuration. But batteries need to be recharged periodically. Now depending on the nature of your next drive, you can choose how you want to charge them – and that’s when the configuration options make eminent sense.

If you have several short and non-urgent trips to make in the near future, simply recharge the default way – in the vehicle itself. When fully charged, go ahead and make your trip.

But what if your next trip is urgent, and you simply don’t have the time to charge your battery to capacity. In that case, Battrixx Dual Power allows you plenty of flexibility so you can manage your drive schedules.

The detachable option allows you to unhinge one battery leave it to charge separately while you make your immediate trip on a single battery. There’s also the fast-charge option.

With Battrixx Dual Power you are the master of your electric vehicle’s destiny. As mentioned, you can opt for maximum efficiency by connecting the two batteries in series; or you can sacrifice efficiency for range by either connecting them in parallel or simply detaching one of the batteries – so one battery runs till it discharges completely, then the other battery gets connected and gives you a similar distance… thus ensuring you effectively get greater mileage. The parallel or detachable option is perfect for long trips.

This advantage becomes glaring when you consider a single-battery vehicle, which will come to an abrupt halt the moment it runs out of charge, and then desperately needs to find a charging station.

Smart, Scalable, Safe…

So much for the practical and visible aspect of mileage and range of Battrixx Dual Power. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What you don’t see, is an entire fascinating story in itself…

First of all, the battery pack and Battery Management System (BMS) are both scalable in terms of capacity and voltage. Thus it can be adapted to suit constraints of space, range and budget, but without any compromise on safety or performance. The Ah capacity comes in a range of 25-32 Ah and 50-64 Ah. Similarly Voltage can be scaled from 36V to 72 V.

Very importantly, Battrixx Dual Power is engineered for safety! These are electrically charged batteries operating inside a vehicle that may be running for several hours at a stretch. Imagine all the heat build-up. That’s why Battrixx Dual Power comes with a load of safety features – that begin at the individual cell level and rise all the way up to the consolidated pack itself.

A patented, double-layer, cell-level safety fuse trips in case of abnormal heat build-up, bringing to an immediate halt any domino effect in case of thermal runaway. This feature protects not only the battery pack itself, but the BMS as well. Of course, the biggest protection is of life itself – that of the passengers. The multi-level protection makes it the safest battery pack in the market.

An Intelligent Battery

But there’s more…

The chance of thermal runaway itself is bleak because the Battrixx Dual Power is internally configured for better thermal efficiency. A very efficient cooling systems keeps its operations within a restrained temperature range. Which additionally translates into higher cycle life, lower degradation and hence greater overall battery durability.

Temperature distribution is also uniform. So there are no hotspot build-ups and hence no localized cell weakness.

Some of this is also thanks to Battrixx Technology that ensures there is no gap between cells and housing. Resulting in maximum heat dissipation which, as explained above, means lower operating temperatures and no thermal hotspots.

It’s also engineered for higher charge-discharge rates. Facilitating fast-charge, charging station and sports bike applications.

Like all mechanical and technical units, water and dust are sworn enemies of an electric car battery. No problem, in case of Battrixx Dual Power. It’s IP67-rated – which means excellent protection against water and dust.

Finally, mechanical stability of the battery pack is excellent. It has been engineered in such a way as to neutralise operational vibrations and thus reduce cell degradation.

It’s amazing how much technology goes into the Battrixx Dual Power battery. The story doesn’t even end there. This is a marvel of technology that is as futuristic as the entire electric vehicle concept itself. Because this battery pack is intelligent enough to communicate!

It comes embedded with CAN communication technology that allows display, detection and storage of information like drive cycle current, voltage, temperature, fault diagnostics, etc. Which benefits the user as well as the manufacturer – all that useful data will help enhance future Battrixx products.

As a brand, Battrixx is driven by the ideology of Sustainable Innovation. It’s wired to keep finding new ways of doing old things. All of this with an unwavering focus of saving the environment and the planet. With Battrixx, the future always begins today!

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