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Lithium-ion battery packs for an eBicycle (e-Bike)

Battrixx lithium-ion battery packs for an eBicycle (e-Bike) are designed considering Indian environment conditions and features an overcharging protection.

Battrixx lithium-Ion battery packs come fully configured, with lithium-ion cells chosen specifically for the application after extensive testing. Our integrated BMS ensures safe operation and provides cell balancing to maximize range, maximize battery life, and protects the battery from unsafe operating conditions.

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Unmatched Reliability - Battrixx
Highly Reliable Source Of Power
Competitive Pricing - Battrixx
Competitive Pricing
Protection - Battrixx
Protection Against Voltage Variation
Efficient - Battrixx
Efficient and Compact Design
Durability - Battrixx
Stringent Durability Testing
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