Battery Management System - Battrixx


The key to safe, reliable and enduring operation of any battery-powered application is customization of the Battery Management System (BMS) to the target environment. Here’s where Battrixx brings to bear over a decade’s experience in building BMSs. We involve the customer at every stage, modifying existing BMS designs with proprietary algorithms to perfectly align with your design needs.

Key features of our BMS:

  • Robust SOC, cell balancing and SOH estimation algorithms.
  • Communication: CAN, RS 485, RS 232, IOT (Bluetooth, GPS).
  • Communication with charging stations and handshaking for efficient charging performance
  • Safety protections in line with AIS 004, AIS 048, CISPR, ASIL D.
  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection during charge / discharge / regen
  • Under temperature protection during charge / discharge / regen
  • Over current protection during charge / discharge / regen
  • Level I up to 1 min sustaining capacity,
  • Level II up to 20 sec sustaining capacity
  • Short circuit protection
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