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Lithium-ion battery packs for a Home Storage

Modern world demand modern energy solutions to enable us to use renewable energy at home. Energy Storage Solutions make us self-reliant. Battrixx energy storage solutions make this self-reliance possible. Battrixx’s energy storage solutions with an integrated safety concept offer highly efficient and flexible energy storage for various applications with varying output.

With the lithium-ion energy storage modules, the home-generated photovoltaic energy that is not currently needed can be stored in battery modules and can easily be made available at a later time. Surplus energy is no longer lost.

With Battrixx’s ESS energy storage system, solar energy users become less dependent on electricity prices and can use their own eco-power whenever they need it.

Effective Storage
High Durability and Longer Life
Safety-tested Technology
Unmatched Reliability
Cycle Stability at High Currents
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