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Testing and Validation

Testing and Validation are critical processes in the entire manufacturing cycle. Battrixx has developed its own proprietary process that includes Static Balancing at two independent stages – cell and module level. Well balanced cells and modules ensure that, during application operation, energy is delivered synchronously while mitigating differential temperature rise, thus ensuring battery longevity.

Stage 1: Cell Balancing

Highly automated, computerised and precision measuring systems carefully calibrate cell parameters (Capacity, impedance, OCV) to ensure meticulous cell balancing to precise tolerances, prior to module and pack assembly.

As part of quality control, each cell is measured and segregated into categories defined by tolerance levels.

Stage 2: Module Pre-Balancing

Once the balanced cells are assembled into modules, they are subject to module-level balancing, once again using high-precision, low frequency measuring equipment.

As with individual cells, each module is also measured and segregated into categories as per their tolerance levels.

Modelling and Characterisation of Cells

In the end, cells need to adapt to defined applications and specifications. This is ensured at the design stage through cell characterisation, where they are subject to a series of charge/discharge cycles at multiple temperature ranges, under identical test cycles.

  • Accurate and comprehensive modelling
  • Capacity test, IR test, DOD consistency test
  • Battery life cycle test

Driven by specific programs (for different applications), high-tech programable, computerised charge and discharge equipment, complemented by environment / thermal chambers, determine various cell parameters.

Through analysis and processing, the measured data is run through a series of tests (Static Capacity, Hybrid Power Pulse Characterization and Thermal Performance) to ensure the tested battery meets the EV specifications.

  • Host computer work station to program the battery cycle test for AC and DC characteristics of the battery
  • Regenerative cyclers with battery charge discharge power units and battery performance analysis software tools
  • Temperature chamber + 60℃ to – 40℃, to achieve the target temperature and humidity and keep them constant
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