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lithium-ion battery packs
Who Are We
The Pioneers of Future Energy

The smaller the carbon footprint, the better it is for the planet. Green power can provide both economic and environmental value. We cannot end the carbon emissions unless we switch to greener and cleaner source of energy.

Battrixx produces green energy systems and solutions with advanced lithium-ion battery packs to power the growth of India’s transition to green energy storage and electric transportation.

Powering Up
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Why us
We are Always Charged

The future energy has moved from research to innovation and further more towards sustainable innovation. At Battrixx, all our innovation are aimed at bringing a change in the world. We strongly believe that technology and environment can co-exist and create a beautiful world. We are ready to charge the future with sustainable innovation.

Safety is not just our priority; it serves as the base of everything we do. At Battrixx, we take this responsibility of safety very seriously and adhere to stringent protocols to assure the same. For us safety is not a value-added service but a way of life. All our personnel’s, across hierarchies are committed towards safety.

When it comes to power, we take pride in our reliability. We don’t just make promises; we keep them. Reliability is the hallmark of our brand and the very basis of trust. We build constructive relationships with our partners, vendors and customers that prove our reliability.

The reason for our success is no secret, it is customer focus. Understanding the need of the customers and listening to them helps us derive customer centric solutions. We constantly put the customers needs first and provide solutions that are on time, high in quality and at affordable cost.

We often hear proper preparation prevents poor performance. Keeping this in mind, all our battery packs are designed to deliver unmatched high performance. Our high performance cannot only be seen in our products but also in our work culture that leads us to achieve superior results.

Electric vehicles have become the game changers in the automobile industry. Being a part of this booming revolution in mobility requires next gen batteries with increased range, improved safety and superior operation. Battrixx is powered by proven and tested European technology that delivers performance and exceeds highest level of safety standards.

lithium-ion battery packs
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