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Lithium-ion battery packs for an electric three wheeler

To zip, zap, zoom through the narrow by lanes of the country, e-rickshaws need a high amount of stability and strength to keep them safely mobile. Battrixx electric three wheelers battery packs are an advanced lithium-Ion battery pack system. With high energy density, ultra-long cycle life, excellent charging and discharging performance, good temperature performance and a new generation of high safety and high reliable green power supply, these battery packs deliver exceptional value for money.

These battery packs are based on the latest battery management system (BMS), specially designed for electric three wheelers.

Dimensions and cell configuration are customizable for optimum usage.

Efficient - Battrixx
100% Efficient For
Maintenance - Battrixx
Maintenance - Free
Eco Friendly - Battrixx
Eco Friendly
Compact And Light Weight - Battrixx
Compact And Light Weight
Quick Charge - Battrixx
Quick Charge
Low Running Cost - Battrixx
Low Running Cost
Protection - Battrixx
Built In BMS
for Protection
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