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Sustainable Innovation

The need of the moment is to find new ways of doing old things – new methodologies and technologies that will help us collectively cut back on fossil fuels and climate-changing greenhouse gases. One of the biggest drivers in this regard is the move towards electric cars.

Innovation has been powering the world of automobiles since the turn of the millennium, when the first hybrid car came into being. Electric vehicles are being seen as more than just fuel savers… they have the potential to improve quality of life, especially in polluted and chaotic urban regions. Electric vehicles could also become the stepping stones to smart vehicles that can make cityscapes more efficient and safer.

Such futuristic concepts are tantalizingly within reach, but requires committed participation from all stakeholders concerned – Governments, regulatory bodies, car manufacturers and battery makers.

Battrixx therefore finds itself at an inflection point, solidly committed as it is to sustainable innovation. Ours is the starting point in this noble thrust – because we make the green energy systems that power electric vehicles of the present and the future.

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