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Change the Way you Drive

Change the Way you Drive

The sheer irony of it all! When India first went into lockdown in March of 2020, paradise was revealed!

A paradise that, hitherto, remained shrouded in perennial smog, smoke and pollutants. A paradise, a gradually unveiling wonderworld… Brilliant blue skies, trees in full bloom, exotic birds and their pleasant songs, curious animals tentatively emerging from their shrinking boundaries, and a line of sight that extended so much further, a privileged few could even view distant mountains.

And all of this because humankind was forced to clean up its act. The message was loud and clear: Stay indoors, lock up vehicles, let pollutant-belching factories go silent… or face the consequences. Face the wrath of nature’s fury!

The involuntary clean-up was unreal! Big city residents especially couldn’t believe the transformation that unfolded in their ugly concrete jungles. Quality of air improved drastically, people with chronic respiratory issues were breathing easier. Possibly the biggest culprit of urban air pollution was arrested swiftly and suddenly: Vehicular emission.

The Silent Assassin

It is estimated that transportation contributes as much as 27% of air pollution. Now when you consider that some seven million people die every year from air pollution, the stark co-relation between vehicular emission and number of deaths by pollution should jolt us wide awake and rush us into immediate action.

But what is this action? Banning or restricting vehicles is out of question. The solution lies in changing the way we drive or ride.

Conventional vehicles which dominate our cityscapes use fossil fuels. Which results in a double whammy. Not only are they spewing toxic fumes that have the potential to make us sick or even kill us, they also deplete the earth’s natural resources.

An Electrifying Idea

The way out is Electric Vehicles or e-vehicles.

E-vehicles isn’t such a futuristic concept. They are already here to stay. Maybe they are a long way off from completely replacing conventional pollutant-spewers, but at least they have begun gracing our roads. E-cars, e-buses, e-rickshaws, e-two wheelers… even e-bikes – they have touch down on city roads around the world, and are now making a small, but encouraging, start in India as well.

The fuel for e-vehicles is electricity. The ‘tank’ is the battery pack. In e-vehicles, this is a lithium-ion battery. Just like petrol or diesel, the e-vehicle can run a specific distance on a full charge. When that charge depletes, it’s time to refuel – or, in this case, recharge!

So where does one recharge?

That’s the beauty of e-vehicles. One can recharge anywhere – at home, at office, at the mall or, just like refueling at fuel stations, recharge at special utility public recharging points. Is this infrastructure already in place? No! But a start is being made, and India is beginning to move in that direction.

Green Signal

A key indicator of the same is the growing prominence of manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries and Battery Management Systems (BMS). One name at the forefront of this effort in India is Battrixx.

Battrixx makes lithium-ion battery packs for all kinds of e-vehicles… e-bikes, e-two wheelers, e-rickshaws, e-cars, e-buses… and even for specialized e-vehicles like golf carts, forklifts and marine vehicles.

In fact, Battrixx is spurring India’s transition to green energy storage and electric transportation by also producing renewable energy systems that power homes and voracious energy-dependent sectors like telecom. Even the ubiquitous UPS and Invertors that India depends so heavily upon are made by Battrixx.

Battrixx is all about ‘Made in India and Made for India’! Being Indian by origin (it’s part of the renowned Kabra Group), the brand fully understands Indian needs and Indian conditions. All its energy solution products are made to withstand rigorous Indian climatic and road conditions.

Indeed, Battrixx is helping usher in the much-needed revolution that will save our generation and, more importantly, every future generation. Studies are indicating that ours may be the very last generation with the opportunity to save the Earth. If we fail, we will fail every generation that follows.

It’s your own opportunity to help save the planet too. No contribution is too small or insignificant. You can start by pledging to drive only e-vehicles – if not immediately, then definitely in the future when they become more commonplace. Stick your neck out, take a stand and spread the word. You can start by reading all about what Battrixx is doing in its fight for a green planet. Please visit

Don’t let another pandemic force us to take drastic action. Let’s change things while there still is time. Let’s start by changing the way we drive!

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