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An Electrifying Move

An Electrifying Move

The world is choking! The world is dying! Not some doomsday prophesy but a stark reality that may be less than a decade away.

At a high-level United Nations meeting on Climate and Sustainable Development, participants were warned that the world had only eleven years left to prevent irreversible damage from climate change. And this was in 2019!

Meanwhile, the clock has run down further.

The forum went on to warn that ours may be the very last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to the planet. Dither any longer, and we will cross the point of no-return.

The Covid pandemic has since over-run us, and studies have hinted at a possible ‘association between long-term exposure to harmful fine particulate matter and Covid-19 mortality.’ Even without Covid muddying the waters, the relationship between pollution and respiratory distress had long been established.

The time to act is now. And urgently!

The New Green Revolution

One could curse the darkness or one could light a single candle to dispel it. Battrixx preferred to do the latter, albeit in a pollution-free and far more scaled-up manner. In fact, the brand has for some time now been doing its bit for a pollution-free world. It produces green energy systems and solutions with advanced lithium-ion battery packs to spur India’s transition to green energy storage and electric transportation.

In layman’s language – and of interest to the layman – Battrixx manufactures battery packs for a range of e-vehicles. Namely, lithium-ion battery packs for e-bikes, e-two wheelers, e-rickshaws, e-cars, e-buses… and even for specialized e-vehicles like golf carts, forklifts and marine vehicles.

In addition, Battrixx also has Energy Storage Systems for the residential and telecom sectors, amongst others. Battrixx is doing its bit to usher in a different kind of green revolution!

Electric Vehicles: A Critical Reality

But if we are to save the world, the first thing to change is the way we move. Conventional transportation depends too heavily on fossil fuels which, besides severely depleting the earth’s finite resources, are turning our cities and towns into gas chambers. Vehicular emission is likely the biggest contributor to air pollution. And the surest way to reduce this drastically is by switching to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles aren’t even a futuristic concept. They are already saving lives today. Saving lives by helping cut lethal carbon emissions. According to WHO, air pollution kills some seven million people every year. Electric vehicles aren’t simply a fancy, exotic concept, but fast becoming a critical reality.

Electric vehicles come in a wide variety of formats. Every gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing vehicle can be replaced by its green e-counterpart. Already concerned cities around the world are introducing e-buses, while e-cars and e-two wheelers are being spotted more often. Even the humble bicycle that really has a zero carbon footprint, can benefit from becoming an e-bike.

Of course, the first question that comes to concerned people’s minds is how does one charge such vehicles. Fact is, they can be charged at home, at work or at specially-set up public charging points, in much the same manner as one would refuel a petrol- or diesel-run vehicle at a fueling station. Maybe we still have a long way to go before charging points become commonplace – but until such a time there is the solution of hybrid vehicles that can run alternatively on gas or electricity.

E-xciting Times Ahead

Nevertheless, Battrixx is showing the way with its range of lithium-ion batteries for various e-vehicles. Battrixx lithium-ion battery packs come fully configured with lithium-ion cells specifically chosen for the application after extensive testing. The integrated BMS ensures safe operation and cell balancing to maximise range and battery life, and protect the battery from unsafe operating conditions. They have been calibrated for performance optimization on Indian roads and under Indian climatic conditions.

As much as we live in scary times, we equally live in exciting times! Human inventiveness and it’s never-say-die spirit has always found solutions to even the most daunting problems. Although everything may seem bleak, hope and optimism will always shine through. Every dark cloud comes with a silver lining. Climate change and all its attendant issues may unwittingly be forcing humanity to accelerate the solution to a problem that may have been spiraling out of hand for at least half a century.

The concept of electric vehicles is an e-revolution simply waiting to happen.The concept of electric vehicles is an e-revolution simply waiting to happen.

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