Battery Pack Manufacturers in India for Electric Vehicles| Battrixx
Battery Pack Manufacturers in India for Electric Vehicles | Battrixx

Battery Pack Manufacturers in India for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation and thankfully, the transition has already begun. They are literally the beacons of light for a brighter future and hold out hope that generations to come will breathe easier. However, it’s not just about the future and the world at large, because vehicle owners too stand to benefit on multiple fronts.

First and foremost, costs of powering Electric Vehicles are around 40% less as compared to vehicles run on gasoline – now that’s a substantial addition to your purse! If you want to save even more, you can charge your battery at free charging stations or through a Solar PV system. Secondly, EVs have lower maintenance charges as there are less components involved, which means less frequent repairs and replacements, more so, since EV batteries have long life span. Thirdly, air and noise pollution are greatly reduced offering you better health. Fourthly, as an Electric Vehicle owner, you can pat yourself on the back for being a responsible resident of Mother Earth – staying away from polluting, depleting, non-renewable resources and doing your bit to be an eco-warrior.

However, to reap benefits galore, it’s important to choose a good battery manufacturer. Thankfully, with the ‘Make in India’ thrust, you no longer have to shell out extra money or wait for days for getting an imported EV battery pack! India now has a good number of EV battery pack manufacturers. Often, when spoilt for choices, making the right decision can be difficult. How much weightage should be given to the claims made by manufacturers; how much should their past glories be valued; are you paying more for the large marketing spends; or are you truly getting value for your money? Answers to these questions will provide some sense of direction.

Speaking of lithium-ion battery pack manufacturers for EVs in India, here’s an alphabetical listing: There’s Amara Raja, Battrixx, Exide, Hyundai, Mahindra, Ola, and Reliance to name a few. When making your choice, remember to take a good look at the battery specification and other relevant factors that will have a bearing on your EV’s performance. Ensure that your choice is not a game of ‘tic-tac-toe’ but that it is a result of a well-informed decision. Here are some important pointers to check on, when deciding on the battery manufacturer that best suits you.

✔ Review the infrastructure related to Manufacturing and R&D.

✔ Check on Thermal Management.

✔ Understand the efficiency level of the Battery Management System (BMS).

✔ Check on Scalability.

✔ Evaluate the Testing and Validation systems.

✔ Read the fine print in terms of Life-span and Warranty.

✔ Ensure local back-up support.

✔ Evaluate customization facilities and price.

✔ Check Certifications.

While we can’t speak for other manufacturers, we can help you evaluate Battrixx against each of these pointers.


Battrixx’s manufacturing facility is equipped with the world’s latest and most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment.

The state-of-the-art in-house R&D centre, has its ear to the ground, consistently researching to develop better, safer battery packs that meet customers’ needs.

At Battrixx there is a solid commitment to sustainable innovation via green energy systems.

Thermal Management

Highly engineered modules and busbars to deliver efficient thermal management, safety and reliability.

Thoroughly modelled and tested for real-time conditions, with advanced technology and engineering software.

Fail-safe mechanisms mitigate any possibility of thermal runaway situations.

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Over a decade’s experience in building BMS.

Robust SOC, cell balancing and SOH estimation algorithms.

Communication: CAN, RS 485, RS 232, IOT (Bluetooth, GPS).

Communication with charging stations and handshaking for efficient charging performance.

Safety protections in line with AIS 004, AIS 048, CISPR, ASIL D.

Over voltage and Under voltage protection.

Over and Under temperature protection during charge / discharge / regen.

Over current protection during charge / discharge / regen.

Level I up to 1 min sustaining capacity.

Level II up to 20 sec sustaining capacity.

Short circuit protection.


Battrixx battery pack and BMS are both scalable in terms of capacity and voltage.

The Ah capacity comes in a range of 25-32 Ah and 50-64 Ah, and voltage can be scaled from 36V to 72 V.

Battrixx Dual Power batteries are extremely versatile offering the flexibility of using them in series, in parallel, or even individually. You can even swap them around in their Master-Slave format.

Testing and Validation

Cell Balancing via highly automated, computerized and precision measuring systems carefully calibrate cell parameters (Capacity, Impedance, OCV).

Module Pre-balancing with high-precision, low frequency measuring equipment.

Modelling and Characterization of Cells to adapt to defined applications and specifications by subjecting them to a series of charge/discharge cycles at multiple temperature ranges, under identical test cycles.

Life-span and Warranty

Built for long and efficient performance, Battrixx battery packs’ life-span and warranty are at par with industry standards.

Back-up Support

Being an Indian manufacturer, support is locally available across the country.

Besides, Battrixx battery packs are manufactured in India specifically catering to Indian road and weather conditions, hence they are robust, dependable and well suited for efficient Indian travel/transport.

Customizable due to Modular Design

Battrixx combines precision standardization with specific customer needs to deliver safe, reliable and efficient solutions. After understanding the customer’s requirement, we select from our standardized portfolio to build a module. These modules are then combined into larger battery units. The final product is a solid, reliable structure deriving from a common platform that runs across different systems.

Battery balancing is done at discrete module levels. Modular construction aids management of effective heat flow to enhance pack life. The modular design also offers excellent serviceability.

Battrixx offers special plastic injection moulds and proprietary tooling for various battery capacities.


Battrixx is one of the first leading EV battery manufacturers to receive the ARAI Certification under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2 for our battery packs. This confirms that we meet the highest global standard requirements for designing, constructing, and testing battery packs.

With Battrixx you are assured of truly ‘Intelligent Batteries’ that are packed with smart technology. The embedded CAN communication technology enables display, detection and storage of valuable information like drive cycle current, voltage, temperature, fault diagnostics, etc. – benefitting end-users as well as EV manufacturers.

Partner with Battrixx – the Smart, Scalable, Safe way to go places without polluting the world. Our customer-centric focus offers you battery packs that are designed for safety, performance excellence, longevity, efficiency, and serviceability.

Browse through our website to explore our range of green, clean, energy systems that power the full range of Electric Vehicles, Golf Carts, Forklifts, Marine Batteries, Portable Devices, UPS, Telecommunication and more…

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