Environmental and Economic Benefits of Using Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Two-Wheelers | Battrixx
Environmental and Economic Benefits of Using Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Two-Wheelers | Battrixx

Environmental and Economic Benefits of Using Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Two-Wheelers

Are you one of those, who loves the exhilarating feeling of speeding away on a two-wheeler, with the wind in your hair and cool breeze caressing your face? Well then, this blog is just for you, because it’s also very likely that you’ve often turned up your nose, to block out those toxic fumes, spewing out of vehicles of all shapes and sizes!

Unfortunately, out of the 1.474 billion vehicles that daily hit roads across the globe, the majority of vehicles still use non-renewable fossil fuels, that adversely impact the environment and the economy. The Environmental Defense Fund reveals, that vehicular pollution generates nearly 27% of greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change and global warming. It’s indeed high time to transition to more eco-friendly vehicles that are powered by green fuels like lithium-ion batteries.

So let’s cut to the chase and present how electric two-wheelers can take your exhilarating road trips to heavenly levels, by eliminating the wet blanket of toxicity emitted by polluting gasoline-run vehicles. For all the die-hard bikers, here are valuable reasons to become eco-warriors and also make your purses happy, by transitioning to electric two-wheelers powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Two-Wheelers

1. Diminished Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are choking our planet and its inhabitants – whether human or animal. Electric two-wheelers that are powered by lithium-ion batteries, come as a ray of hope for containing and perhaps even slowly reversing this bleak situation, over time. These batteries do not pollute the environment the way the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles do.

2. Environmental Protection via Energy Efficiency and Low Waste Generation

Electric two-wheelers that run on lithium-ion batteries are more energy-efficient than their gasoline counterparts. Their higher overall energy conversion efficiency results in lower energy consumption which positively impacts the environment. Besides, lithium-ion batteries are a more efficient alternative to the depleting fossil fuels which are increasingly becoming endangered natural resources. The reduced use of fossil fuels also helps to protect our planet’s bio-diversity; and its air and water quality. Another feather in the environmental cap, is that since lithium-ion batteries have a long lifespan, replacements are less frequent, thus lowering waste generation.

3. Renewable Energy Sources

Lithium-ion batteries employ a technology that facilitates the use and storage of energy from renewable sources like solar energy, wind, tidal currents, bio-fuels and hydropower. Thus, even though lithium-ion is not a renewable energy source by itself, yet it contributes to better environmental impact, which makes electric two-wheelers more favourable to the environment than the gasoline-powered ones.

4. Lower Levels of Air and Noise Pollution

Electric two-wheelers that use lithium-ion batteries are gentler to our ears and lungs, as they generate less noise and air pollution, in comparison with two-wheelers that have internal combustion engines. This contributes to better environmental conditions especially in our cities where road traffic increases the urban decibels several fold. Electric two-wheelers also positively impact the air quality as they are much less polluting than gasoline-run two-wheelers, thus helping to contain the dangerous urban AQI (Air Quality Index) levels.

5. Enhanced Resource Efficiency Conserves Environment

The high energy density of lithium-ion batteries contributes to the storage of a large amount of energy in a relatively small and lightweight package. This helps the environment as resource efficiency of electric two-wheelers makes it possible to use less material resources for achieving the desired energy storage capacity.

The environmental benefits are reason enough to hop on to the lithium-ion bandwagon for powering two-wheelers. But if the economist in you, is stronger than the environmentalist in you, then there’s further good news, because electric two-wheelers come with substantial economic benefits too.

Micro and Macro Economic Benefits of Electric Two-Wheelers

The Economic Benefits of using lithium-ion batteries for electric two-wheelers are many. However, they have been summarised into six broad-based benefits that answer the two questions from an economic perspective: viz. What is in it for me? What is in it for the world?

1. Lower Routine Operating Costs

The fact that electric two-wheelers run on electricity, definitely makes them easier on the purse at the micro level – answering the important question: What is in it for me? With gasoline prices consistently rising, and cost of lithium-ion batteries slowly decreasing over the years, using lithium-ion batteries for powering two-wheelers, becomes a more affordable option, thus reducing routine operating expenses.

2. Lower Long-term Maintenance Expenses

The answer to ‘What’s in it for me?’ continues to unfold over the long lifespan of electric two-wheelers. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts as compared to the traditional vehicles that have internal combustion engines, which means that replacement of parts is infrequent throughout its life. This contributes significantly to lowering the long-term maintenance expenses, offering electric vehicle owners, a tidy sum of long-term savings.

3. Incentives and Subsidies

‘What’s in it for me?’, has still more attractions in the form of government subsidies, as local authorities across the globe are incentivising the transition to electrical vehicles, given the dire need to reduce the high level of toxic pollution. Moving to electric two-wheelers can get you a neat bundle of savings in the form of tax credits, rebates, and reduced registration fees. Yet another reason to get yourself that eco-friendly electric two-wheeler… and be proud that you are not adding to the pollution as you speed down busy streets.

4. Imminent Cost Reduction

Looking beyond the horizon, cost reduction is on the cards, strengthening the hope of dual benefits at the micro, as well as macro levels. With environmentalists rapidly spreading awareness, and governments setting serious targets for transitioning to electrical vehicles, demand for electric vehicles as well as lithium-ion batteries is bound to rapidly increase, which means increased production too. At the macro level this will boost the global economy. At the micro level, the economies of scale are bound to accrue, steadily bringing down the cost of electric vehicles as well as lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, with research consistently focussing on improved battery life, and cost containment, there is hope that the cost of batteries will reduce substantially in the near future, offering yet another answer to the question: What’s in it for me?

5. Job Creation will Spur Economic Development

At the macro level, let’s answer the question: ‘What’s in it for our country’s economy?’ For one thing, as demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric two-wheelers and other electrical vehicles increases, more jobs are created in the manufacturing sector, resulting in more employment in the battery production sphere, as well as in supply chains. Increased employment means more money in the hands of people, which becomes a catalyst for boosting the nation’s economy. The global lithium-ion battery market size which was estimated at USD 58.61 billion in 2021, is expected to surpass USD 278.27 billion by 2030. This translates into a healthy CAGR of 18.9% from 2022-2030. Indeed, music to the ears of economic development!

6. Country’s Economy will Improve through Self-reliance

The hitherto heavy dependence on gasoline which is a non-renewable source of energy, has resulted in drastic depletion of fossil fuels, and has also necessitated oil imports from other countries. This adversely affects our country’s forex reserves, and balance of payments position. Adoption of diversified energy sources helps the country to be more self-sufficient, strengthens energy security, and has a positive impact on the balance of payments position. Thus, transitioning to electrical vehicles that are powered by lithium-ion batteries comes as a very valuable answer to the question: What’s in it for the country/world? When the millions of vehicles of every kind, transition to being electrically-powered via lithium-ion batteries, the country’s economic position is bound to improve, as valuable forex reserves can be conserved by reducing avoidable imports.

The above-mentioned Environmental and Economic Benefits apply not just to two-wheelers but all vehicles. In a nutshell, transitioning to electric vehicles is a win-win solution for vehicle owners, for the country, and for the world at large. It is also a win-win solution for the environment and the economy. It’s therefore important for people to take cue and transition to electric vehicles for their good, for the good of all, and for preserving our planet too.

Speaking of our country, according to an official report, in July 2023, out of the over 34 crore vehicles registered with the Road Transport Ministry's e-Vahan portal, just over 27 lakhs were registered as electrical vehicles – that’s just 0.8%! Now that’s a huge gap, which must be filled on a war-footing, in order to make life on earth more sustainable for the long haul. After all, we owe it to our own future generations too.

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