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Energizing the Streets: Lithium-Ion Battery-Powered Three-Wheelers Transforming Indian Commutes

Energizing the Streets: Lithium-ion Battery-Powered Three-Wheelers Transforming Indian Commutes

‘We cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.’

Wise words from none other than Abraham Lincoln.

In this era of climate change, it’s incumbent on each and every one of us, to do our part for Mother Earth today, in order to fulfil our responsibility to our planet and to posterity.

Fortunately, the Indian three-wheeler market is proving its mettle by taking these words of wisdom seriously. Sales clinched a 66% year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth in CY2023, rising from 350,238 units in CY 2022 to over 581,000 units, as per the Government of India’s Vahan portal on 31st December 2023.

This transportation segment comprising of passenger e-rickshaws and cargo e-three-wheelers, continues to show robust double-digit growth, thanks to consistent demand for passenger transportation, as well as last-mile operators for e-commerce applications, food deliveries, etc. Another reason for the sustained growth is that e-three-wheelers are proving to be a more affordable option for individual motorists, as well as fleet owners.

Coming to the share of electric three-wheelers in the total three-wheeler pie, here too the numbers are promising. In CY 2023, out of 10,78,279 three-wheelers (powered by petrol, CNG, LNG and electricity) sold in India, e-three-wheelers clocked sales of 581,696 units, accounting for 53.94% of total three-wheeler sales in CY2023. These are indeed wonderful statistics for environmentalists, as it implies that every second three-wheeler sale in India in CY 2023 was electric! Furthermore, e-three-wheeler buyers have led the way, accounting for 38% of Indian electric vehicle sales in FY 2023.

FY 2023’s record sales of over half-a-million e-three-wheelers, has fanned the flames of hope for transforming our polluted streets, through zero-emission transportation. The steady Y-o-Y increase in e-three-wheeler sales, lights the way for a better tomorrow for Indian commuters who can hope to breathe fresher air, going forward.

Here’s a quick look at how lithium-ion batteries that power e-three-wheelers are making Indian transportation greener and cleaner for all, especially our cityscapes, as we patiently make our way through snarling traffic jams, on our daily commutes. Read on to see how green energy helps the country too; and how motorists also stand to personally benefit from moving over to EVs.

1. Addressing Environmental and Health Concerns

The Air Quality Index (AQI), especially in our cities, is reaching dangerous levels, ruining the health of citizens. Lithium-ion battery powered three-wheelers produce zero tailpipe emissions, and are therefore a step in the right direction, for bringing down air pollution and negating the adverse effects of CO2 emitted by vehicles run on fossil fuel. Lithium-ion energy is also a welcome alternative to the fast-depleting non-renewable fossil fuels. Thus electric vehicles, being greener and cleaner, are serving the need of the hour from the environmental and health perspectives.

2. Reduced Noise Pollution

The noise pollution levels too, in our cities is very high. EV’s which are operationally more silent than other vehicles therefore come as a boon to our urban spaces, bringing down the decibels. The reduced noise pollution makes transportation easier on the ears of motorists, as well as pedestrians. With lowered noise levels comes lower stress levels too – something that urbanites can well benefit from!

3. Enhanced Resource Efficiency Conserves Environment

The high energy density of lithium-ion batteries promotes storage of a large amount of energy in a relatively small and lightweight package. This has yet another positive impact on the environment, as resource efficiency results in lower consumption of material resources, for achieving the same desired level of energy storage.

4. Improved Energy Security

Depleting fossil fuels hitherto mandated the import of petroleum products, making our nation susceptible to forces beyond its control. Fluctuating global oil prices and geopolitical uncertainties are like swords hanging over the nation’s head. Extensive transition to EVs will reduce this dependence on other countries in this vital area of energy security, thus greatly improving our country’s long-term economic benefits, as well as balance of payments position.

5. Job Creation

More jobs imply more money in people’s hands, which fuels the nation’s growth. The transition to electric vehicles including e-three-wheelers, increases employment and growth in a variety of sectors like manufacturing, battery technology, charging infrastructure development, transportation services, and supply chains.

6. Scalability and Adaptability

Three-wheelers as a mode of Indian transportation is here to stay, with its widespread coverage of passenger as well as goods transport services. It’s popularity for short-distance conveyance and last-mile connectivity, fans the hope of a ready market for electric three-wheelers and lithium-ion batteries, more so, considering the government’s thrust on electric mobility; and the already existing infrastructure and ecosystem throughout the length and breadth of the country. All this, spells hope for speedy transition to EVs, paving the way to an eco-friendly future.

7. Cost Saving from Reduced Operational Expenses

EVs offer owners monetary benefits in terms of lower running expenses, as the cost of electricity is not volatile like gasoline which keeps irrationally rising. Besides, the price of lithium-ion batteries is showing a downward trend, thanks to successful research, as well as economies of scale, thus generating expectancy of lower energy costs over the EV’s lifespan. There are cost savings on the repair and maintenance front too, since EVs have few moving parts which means infrequent replacements, as compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

8. Government Incentives for EV Owners

Our Indian Government in a bid to hasten the transition to electric vehicles, has offered various incentives, ranging from subsidies on the purchase price, and tax benefits, to preferential treatment in terms of parking and toll fees. Thus motorists who adopt EVs for their varying transportation needs, stand to benefit financially too.

Clearly, the adoption of lithium-ion powered three-wheelers holds great promise for transforming India’s transport, energizing our streets through cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable means of powering vehicles. This constructive step is sure to make our environment more liveable and positively transform our commute, thanks to the better air quality and less noise pollution that will bring down stress levels too.

At Battrixx, we believe in lighting a candle, rather than cursing the darkness. Hence our focus is on creating a better future, by starting today. We recognise the dire need for eco-friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable green powering solutions, that put the spotlight on safety. Hence we offer affordable powering solutions that use advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS), which makes our battery packs safe, smart and scalable too. This is confirmed by the ARAI Certification under AIS 156 Amendment III Phase 2 awarded to us, indicating that we incorporate the highest global standard requirements in designing, constructing, and testing of battery packs.

Visit our website www.battrixx.com to explore our full range of green clean energy systems that power the entire gamut of Electric Vehicles, Golf Carts, Forklifts, Marine Batteries, Portable Devices, UPS, Telecommunication and more…

EV Manufacturers and Motorists: Please consider this our open invitation to join us in the crusade to transform Indian commute, and make our environment cleaner for ourselves and future generations too.

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