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Solution That Makes You Self-Reliant

Modern world demand modern energy solution to enable you to use renewable energy at home or other setting. Battrixx energy storage solutions makes it possible. Battrixx’s energy storage solutions with an integrated safety concept offer highly efficient and flexible energy storage for various applications with varying output.

With the lithium-ion energy storage modules, the home-generated photovoltaic energy that is not currently needed can be stored in battery modules and easily be made available at a later time. Surplus energy is no longer lost.

With Battrixx’s ESS energy storage system, solar energy users become less dependent on electricity prices and can use their own eco-power whenever they need it.

fast-charging Battrixx
Effective Storage
quick-charge Battrixx
Safety-tested technology in accordance with the latest standards
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Cycle stability at high currents
longer Life Battrixx
High Durability and longer Life
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Unmatched Reliability

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