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Battrixx Energy Storage System (ESS) provides customized wide range of advanced lithium-Ion battery modules, packs, racks & containers with in-house designed intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) for home storage, UPS & Inverters and telecommunications. Battrixx lithium-ion battery packs are best available option for Indian roads and temperature conditions based on its safety features and compact design.

If you need to buy high quality reliable advanced lithium-Ion battery packs, racks & containers for your energy storage system or just have questions give us call or write to us atinfo@battrixx.com.

custom-solutions Battrixx
Custom Battrixx
extending cell cycle life
managing high charge or discharge rates
protecting cells from solar soaking or environmental heat
reducing system complexity
improving system size and weight
preventing thermal runaway propagation
reducing average system temperature
eliminating active thermal management systems
heating cells in cold environment

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