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Battrixx – Redefining Power Solutions

Battrixx produces green energy systems and solutions with advanced lithium-ion battery packs to power the growth of India’s transition to green energy storage and electric transportation. Battrixx is positioned to provide higher range and longer battery life to the electrical vehicles segment and safe and reliable energy storage system with its customized wide range of advanced lithium-ion battery modules, packs and Battery Management System (BMS).

With technology tie up with European partners, we have encouraging support from prestigious Tier 1 automobile manufacturer for vehicle integration with the advanced lithium-ion battery packs as well as packs for battery charging station infrastructure under development.

We are working closely with ambitious projects in India and based on the projections, we have expanded our investments into electrical vehicle system integration and energy storage system. We commit to continuously improve our products and services to provide our customers with the best value energy storage solutions that meet customer requirements and exceed the highest level of safety standards.

Battrixx technology offers light weight, high efficiency, long life, maintenance free, high power density with low charging time, low energy cost, smaller carbon footprint and wide temperature range of lithium-ion battery packs with BMS compared to conventional lead acid batteries.

Strategic tie-ups with global players for manufacturing advanced lithium-ion battery modules and packs.
Equipped with sophisticated machinery from China, Japan and Europe for manufacturing and testing.
Extensive focus on innovation and R&D to bring differentiated solutions.
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In-house quality control and testing facilities
From a low volume to a high quantum of production, we have a capability and industry expertise to meet the unique needs of all the OEMs’ as our technically skilled team can design and manufacture custom battery solutions for lithium-ion battery systems including prototyping.
Vision Battrixx Our Vision

We, at Kolsite group, are committed to demonstrate our leadership in our chosen field of business by focussing all our actions towards customer’s satisfaction and make significant contributions to his success. We shall continue to innovate our processes, products and services to provide value for money in all our efforts both internal and external. Total employee involvement, sincerity of purpose and commitment to objectives are the pillars of this vision where all of us will perform as a team and shall trust and respect each other.

Mission Battrixx Our Mission

Our mission is to meet customers needs in a sustained manner by use of cutting edge technology and innovation, quality and efficient support.

Our Values
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Our Parent Organization – Kolsite
Our Parent Organization – Kolsite

Kolsite has pioneered in successfully building diverse businesses across multiple segments under its experienced leadership. Kolsite provides strategic leadership and provides access to best practices across operations, expansion plan, marketing and customer service. With over 55 years’ experience in building, managing and expanding business, Kolsite brings differentiated edge to Battrixx growth strategy. Kolsite also provide access to its existing relationship with various global partners and technology tie-ups.

Kolsite Group commenced its operations in 1962; a leader in plastic extrusion machinery in India. The group is known for being the pioneer of various technologically advanced plastic extrusion solutions. Kolsite group under its roof has 4 flagship companies dealing in different avenues like extrusion machinery, master batches, secondary packaging, and agency work. To know visit, www.kolsite.com

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